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Whois Privacy Is Free At Epik

Protect your personal identity and reduce spam using Epik's WHOIS privacy service.

Legendary live support

When you contact Epik, you can expect support from a knowledgeable and professional person who will follow through until your question is resolved.  In an era of mediocre support, we are keeping it legendary. 

World class Security

The Epik team is committed to safeguarding your domain and website investments.  We serve some of the largest domain investors in the world, and protect some of the most valuable domains on the Internet. 

No hidden fees, promo codes or intrusive upsells

At Epik, you can expect a pain-free checkout. For fastest processing, you can even use our Express checkout feature which allows one-click instant checkout.

No games or arbitrary delays

At Epik, we are committed to providing customers with a great service experience. Should the day come that you need to move a domain name to another registrar, Epik makes the process straight-forward. 

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Legendary Customer Support

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